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We are committed to supporting individuals, businesses and communities by providing them with the essential tools to thrive.


We strive to make communities and businesses sustainable and resilient, in the face of evolving global trends and shocks.

We help businesses and communities to succeed in the time of extreme uncertainty.

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Sustainability and Resilience Institute (SRI) is a New Zealand based research institute, boutique consultancy firm and social enterprise which provides scientific research, business development, product development, and digital marketing services to the public and private sectors.

We employ consultants who are specialists in tourism planning, destination management planning, tourism strategies, destination development, infrastructure development, regenerative tourism, culinary tourism, indigenous studies, community conservation, heritage research, economic strategies, feasibility studies, business planning and feasibility, and digital marketing.

Our work is always based on science and on this basis, we design strategies for your business.


- What makes us stand out?



We work independently and commit to working in confidence to build ethical and professional outcomes.



We focus on robust and strong relationships with our clients to achieve desired outcomes.



We demonstrate leadership and take personal responsibility for our actions.​



We deliver excellence to our clients and provide them with the learning opportunity and professional development for mutual success. Your success is our success.


Social Responsibility​

We are socially responsible and facilitate our clients to achieve their goals with minimum impact on natural resources. Tourism Advisory New Zealand is carbon neutral. We actively contribute to improving our environment by offsetting our carbon footprint through supporting regeneration of native forest and fencing off streams.


Future Proof

We believe in transforming challenges into opportunities by understanding your business agility and addressing the hidden obstacles before they sprout.

Why us?



Market research will help you make informed decisions about customer needs and wants.



Get the results you want with one-on-one mentorship from our experienced consultants who bring creativity and individual solutions.



We are here to build relationships and you can count on our continuous and enduring support.

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