Our vision

We strive to make communities and businesses sustainable and resilient, in the face of evolving global trends and shocks.


Our consulting model revolves around individual passion, belief, vision and pure perseverance which, we believe, are the essential tools to thrive in difficult times. 


We have faith in the values that shape our work and we love what we do. The people in our team share our vision and are each specialists in their field.

We are passionate about supporting you in providing individual solutions and helping you influence and increase your local, regional, national and global reach.

Our values

- What makes us stand out?



We work independently and commit to working in confidence to build ethical and professional outcomes.



We focus on robust and strong relationships with our clients to achieve desired outcomes.



We demonstrate leadership and take personal responsibility for our actions.​



We deliver excellence to our clients and provide them with the learning opportunity and professional development for mutual success. Your success is our success.


Social Responsibility​

We are socially responsible and facilitate our clients to achieve their goals with minimum impact on natural resources. Tourism Advisory New Zealand is carbon neutral. We actively contribute to improving our environment by offsetting our carbon footprint through supporting regeneration of native forest and fencing off streams.


Future Proof

We believe in transforming challenges into opportunities by understanding your business agility and addressing the hidden obstacles before they sprout.

scientific foundation


Helping hand

We are on a mission to lend a helping hand to struggling businesses and communities to succeed in a time of extreme uncertainty, such as COVID-19.

S & R

sustainable and resilient

We strive to make communities and businesses sustainable and resilient, in the face of evolving global trends and shocks.



Global, national, regional and local events and policies shape and transform individuals, communities and businesses, both in the short- and the long run.


changing trends

In the face of changing trends, organisations have to make critical decisions to ensure long-lasting success which can be a challenging and a crucial test of the business’ creativity and innovation. 

R & S

resilience and sustainability

Our work is based on two beliefs: That resilience is vital to achieving long-term sustainability, and that changes that allow a positive impact on the future can only happen if they derive from the community – from the people and businesses that shape it. 



We care deeply about the well-being of communities and their organisations, and always strive to ensure collective community resilience.

The work we do

Tourism Advisory

Tourism Advisory New Zealand is your strategic tourism consultant who provides you with advice and guides you to achieve extraordinary outcomes. We are here to simplify your business life by providing digital and well-researched solutions. We are here to…

Destination Diagnostics

Destination Diagnostics is a New Zealand based tourism planning, development and management consultancy. Our expertise is in destination management, across all scales – national to local; and across a variety of cultural and development contexts…

Journal of Sustainability and Resilience

Journal of Sustainability and Resilience (JSR) (ISSN:2744-3620) is a multidisciplinary, online open-access biannual peer-reviewed journal. The journal debates current issues related to sustainability and resilience concerning changing…


Pipi Journeys, offers harbour cruise, fishing, self-catering and cultural experience of indigenous Māori community. The tour is exclusively designed for tourist to experience the traditional Māori lifestyle and indigenous philosophies such as Manaakitanga and Kaitiakitanga…

Josef Langer Charitable Trust

The Josef Langer Charitable Trust (JLCT) was formed as a result of a bequest from the estate of Josef Langer, a European immigrant to New Zealand who had worked as an electronics engineer for Air New Zealand. In 2005, The Josef Langer Charitable Trust was established to support conservation…

The Seventh Generation

The Seventh Generation provides a deep understanding and local connection to New Zealand’s history and nature and leaves you with inspiration and hope for the future…

Axe Breaker Hardwood

Axe Breaker Hardwood and Salvage New Zealand, is the symbol of recycling, up-cycling, sustainable timber harvesting, and advocates for chemical-free timber in New Zealand. We proudly feed the needs of the building industry in New Zealand…

Ethical Trade New Zealand

Ethical Trade New Zealand is a social enterprise with a mission to ‘improve livelihoods through ethical trade’. The concept of Ethical Trade New Zealand started with a mission to improve livelihoods with ethical trade…

something sophisticated

Something sophisticated  develop marketing and communication strategies for brands and businesses to help them find suitable and powerful messages based on their values and products, get them across to tailored target audiences and reach qualitative…

Age Well for Life

Age well for life provides anti aging treatment, facial skincare and indian head massage…

Digital Web Way

Digital Web Way is 100% New Zealand owned and operated business enterprise which is specialized in best WordPress Hosting…


Our team


Prof Emeritus David Simmons

Advisor and Research Associate

Prof David Simmons is the director of Destination Diagnostics New Zealand. David is the founder of tourism studies at Lincoln University, New Zealand and headed Lincoln University Centre of Excellence: Sustainable Tourism, Chair of Lincoln University Research Committee and adjunct Prof at Griffith University Gold Coast Australia….

Sustainability and Resilience Institute New Zealand

Sandra Niederlöhner

Marketing Specialist

Sandra Niederloehner is an expert in communication strategies and marketing. Having studied Communication Science and Sociology (BA) at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, one of Europe’s premier academic and research institutions, and Corporate Communication (MA) at Fresenius University of Applied Science, she is deeply skilled in conducting communication and market research for various sectors…



Marie Haley

Community Conservation Specialist

Marie Haley is the director of ‘The Seventh Generation Tours New Zealand’ which aims to provide a different type of tourism, where the tourist becomes a participant in the place and stories that are told…


Sustainability and Resilience Institute New Zealand

Dr Francesc Fusté-Forné

Research Associate

Francesc Fusté-Forné, PhD, is a professor and researcher at the University of Girona.He specialises in rural food tourism and communication and marketing. He studied food tourism phenomenon in different geographical contexts and at local, regional and national levels.


Sustainability and Resilience Institute New Zealand

Dr Asif Hussain

Director and Research Associate

Asif Hussain, PhD, cares deeply about community well-being and believes that collective community resilience is vital to ensure long-term sustainability. Asif is a dedicated social entrepreneur, social worker…


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