Sustainability and Resilience Institute (SRI) is a social enterprise consulting firm based in New Zealand. We started our journey in the middle of a global pandemic (COVID-19) with a mission to lend a helping hand to businesses and communities to succeed in the time of extreme uncertainty. We strive to make communities and businesses sustainable and resilient, in the face of evolving global trends and shocks.

The Sustainability and Resilience Institute New Zealand (SRINZ) provides Research and Marketing Services for the Public and Private Sector. Our work is based on two beliefs: That resilience is vital to achieve long-term sustainability, and that changes that allow a positive impact for the future can only happen if they derive from the community – from the people and businesses that shape it. That is why we care deeply about the well-being of communities and their organisations, and always strive to ensure collective community resilience.

It is evident that global, national, regional and local events and policies shape and transform individuals, communities and businesses, both in the short- and in the long-run. In the face of changing trends, organisations have to make critical decisions to ensure long-lasting success which can be a challenging and crucial test of the business’ creativity and innovation. At the Sustainability and Resilience Institute New Zealand, we admire these challenges, and in collaboration with you, we turn challenges into opportunities.

Our consulting model revolves around individual passion, belief, vision and pure perseverance which, we believe, are the essential tools to thrive in difficult times. We have faith in the values that shape our work and we love what we do. The people in our team share one vision and are each specialists in their own field. Together, we are passionate about supporting you in providing individual solutions and help you influence and increase your local, regional, national and global reach.

Our Team

Prof Emeritus David Simmons

Advisor and Research Associate

Sandra Niederlöhner

Marketing Specialist

Marie Haley

Community Conservation Specialist

Dr Francesc Fusté-Forné

Research Associate

Dr Asif Hussain

Research Associate

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