By Silvia María López Ruiz

Abstract: This study focuses on knowing the joint work between Mexico’s tourist destinations and the private sector, promoting proximity tourism for the recovery of tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic, through the creation of the “Central West Pact for Tourism” in Mexico. For the qualitative empirical analysis based on a case study, it is based on secondary data and an in-depth interview conducted virtually with two pioneering leaders of this pact and responsible for tourism management in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. In addition, a qualitative content analysis of the project’s official website (Viaja En Corto – Descubre El Centro de México, 2021) was carried out, with the aim of obtaining data to complement the interview. The results obtained are presented with graphical maps and allow to know in depth the main objectives and common characteristics of the members of the Pact, strategies and challenges that this tourism alliance has. This article may be of interest to leaders of destination management organizations to build partnerships with the public and private sectors.

Keywords: destinations, Mexico, pandemic, proximity tourism, sector alliance, tourism region.