Conscious travel patterns and positive psychology are reflected in the concept of regenerative tourism (Hussain, 2021). Regenerative tourism offers a holistic approach to make destinations more adaptable, creative and resilient and to increase wellbeing and awareness. This document uses Hussain’s Conscious Travel Paradigm framework presented (2021) to understand the future of tourism in the context of regenerative tourism. The purpose of the research is to analyse the need to develop holistic tourism models which are expected to ensure long-term tourism sustainability and resilience. The post-pandemic tourism recovery scenario is discussed using human conscious levels advocated by Sigmund Freud’s iceberg analogy and Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


Conscious Travel, New Zealand; Regenerative Tourism, Travel and Hospitality.

Conferences proceedings
Hussain, A. and Fusté-Forné, F. (2021). Conscious travel paradigm and the future of tourism: the need for regenerative tourism. In: Christou, E., Fotiadis, A. and Alexandris, K. (Eds.), TOURMAN 2021 Book of abstracts ‘Restarting tourism, travel and hospitality: the day after’ (pp.1167-1169). Thessaloniki: International Helenic University. ISBN: 978-618-84798-9-0. 

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