Hey there, I’m Sandra

Sandra Niederloehner is a highly experienced professional in the fields of communication strategies and marketing. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and Sociology from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, a renowned academic and research institution in Europe. She furthered her education with a Master’s degree in Corporate Communication from Fresenius University of Applied Science. Sandra possesses a deep understanding of conducting communication and market research across diverse sectors.

Throughout her master’s studies, Sandra actively collaborated with various brands, assisting them in achieving their objectives by developing tailored communication strategies for specific target audiences. Her expertise lies in Online Marketing, Social Media Management, and Content Marketing.

Driven by a passion for sustainable living, Sandra firmly believes that businesses and solutions should be oriented towards a long-term future encompassing social, environmental, and economic considerations to achieve lasting success in today’s world. She recognizes the power of effective communication in shaping a company’s public image, thereby ensuring its sustainable growth. Through her work, Sandra provides valuable support to businesses by crafting compelling messages aligned with their values and products, effectively reaching the right target audiences, and accomplishing both quantitative and qualitative objectives.

With her background in socio-economic subjects, Sandra approaches matters from a well-rounded perspective. She skillfully integrates these two viewpoints, working towards solutions that are socially and economically beneficial.

Journal of Sustainability and Resilience

Project Regenerative Tourism

Climate Change Commitments and Challenges to Achieve Regenerative Tourism: A Case of Aotearoa New Zealand

Climate Change Commitments and Challenges to Achieve Regenerative Tourism: A Case of Aotearoa New Zealand

Abstract New Zealand heavily relies on nature-based tourism for its popular "100% pure New Zealand" brand. However, the country faces challenges in mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions due to the significant contribution of long-haul destination. Despite various...

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