Sandra Niederlöhner

Sandra Niederloehner is an expert in communication strategies and marketing. Having studied Communication Science and Sociology (BA) at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, one of Europe’s premier academic and research institutions, and Corporate Communication (MA) at Fresenius University of Applied Science, she is deeply skilled in conducting communication and market research for various sectors. During her masters, she has been working for different brands, helping them to reach their goals by developing communication strategies for tailored target audiences. She is a specialist in Online Marketing, Social Media Management and Content Marketing.

Sandra is passionate about a sustainable way of life and believes that in our world today businesses and solutions must be oriented towards a long-term future in a social, environmental and economic regard in order to be successful. She knows that good communication can help shape the public image of a company, and as a result, ensure its sustainable success. With her work, she is supporting businesses in finding suitable and powerful messages based on the company’s values and products, getting them across to the right target audiences in order to achieve quantitative and qualitative objectives.

Having studied socio-economic subjects, Sandra is able to attend to matters from both points of view. She is bringing these two perspectives together and is working to ensure that solutions are oriented towards social and economic success.