Abstract: Evaluating children’s menus in theme park restaurants

Children who travel with their families eat in restaurants that usually offer special kid’s menus. The quality of those menus is often questioned and in the present context where children’s obesity and overweight are increasing, it is relevant to pay attention to the different environments where children eat. The present paper wants to analyse if specific restaurants menus in one of the most relevant theme park are healthy or unhealthy. Using a validated instrument to evaluate kids’ menu, restaurants in Disney Village (Disneyland Paris) are analysed. Results show that half of them are unhealthy and none of them are completely healthy. Future research can examine kid’s menus in other theme parks and inform how changes can be implemented on those menus to make them healthier and contribute to the children’s dietary habits development.

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Theme park restaurants -Evaluating children's menus in theme park restaurants
Evaluating children’s menus in theme park restaurants