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The Most Important Thing, The People!

By Marie Haley

Abstract: This paper looks at indigenous concepts from New Zealand Maori and American Indians that offer philosophy for long term resilience and human-centred decision making. For true resilience, individuals, businesses and governments need to be adaptable, decisive and make long term changes. Operational changes need to come from a change of mindset and cannot return to old systems. Covid-19 has highlighted placing humans at the centre of decision making. This paper looks at the case study of The Seventh Generation Tours, in Akaroa New Zealand and the indigenous concepts of turangawaewae, knowing our connection to place and environment, manaakitanga, hospitality and kaitiakitanga, guardianship. This paper argue that for resilience, a system must have a strong mauri (lifeforce) and look at resilience planning on a multi-generational timescale.

Keywords: COVID-19, Community, Resilience, Tourism.

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