Sustainability and Resilience Institute (SRI) is a New Zealand based research institute, boutique consultancy firm and social enterprise.

SRI provides scientific research, business development, product development, business management and digital marketing services to the public and private sectors.

We employ consultants who are specialists in their respective fields. Our work is always based on science and on this basis, we design strategies for your business.

Business Management

Strategic planning and execution

Strategic planning gives clarity and direction for future growth. Our principles of planning and execution focuses on your own vision and aspirations.

Executive leadership

The executive program is designed for business owners and CEOs who are willing to take the extra step to set a new benchmark for their business.

Develop your business strategy

We work with businesses that are willing to learn, adapt and capitalise on available resources and facilitate you by bring your strategy alive.

Advisory board

As an advisory board, we provide a trusted advisory council to complement your business venture.

Future proofing your business

We believe in transforming challenges into opportunities by understanding your business agility and addressing the hidden obstacles before they sprout.

Empower you

We empower you with the tools you need to grow and guide you with the crucial decision-making processes while keeping a balance between your personal life and wealth creation.

Business review program

Our Business Review program gives you a snapshot of where exactly your organisation is at today, so you can better plan where you’re going tomorrow.

Providing Survival Strategies

By understanding your business, we plan, develop an implement strategies to make your business resilient and future proof.



Products development based on market trends and customer feedback

Brand identity development and re-branding

Brand style guide and identity toolkit development

Marketing strategy: Market research, competition analysis, SWOT analysis and develop plans for grow

Online Marketing Services: Website design and hosting, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and content development

Developing company profile

Facilitating with patent registration and trademark registration



We have worked with successful businesses and business leaders and now we are ready to help you build something even greater.

A viable business concept

Business research and identifying your points of difference

Market research/scoping out the competition

Identifying your audience

Building your network

Details and gathering resources

Implementing the right funding options

Budgeting and forecasting

Choosing a business structure

Facilitating with legal and tax requirements

Choosing your style (E-commerce) and location of operation

Formulating your business plan

Building your business and reaching your customers

Organisational efficiency/client management

Effective business processes

Facilitating you with digital software (CRM) for business processes

Marketing and distribution

Scaling your business

Establishing work-life balance

Building your brand/branding

Re-evaluating business goals

Fostering business growth

Growth strategy and maximising revenue

Policy, Research and Development


Policy, research, development programme and project management

Policy, research and strategy development –advice, development and review

Organisational change management

Programme and project management

Business change planning

Business change implementation

Product development and design

Market research and surveys

Journal of Sustainability and Resilience

Project Regenerative Tourism

Regenerative Tourism and Climate Change

Regenerative Tourism and Climate Change

Abstract: Climate Change Commitments and Challenges to Achieve Regenerative Tourism: A Case of Aotearoa New Zealand Abstract: Climate Change Commitments and Challenges to Achieve Regenerative Tourism: A Case of Aotearoa New Zealand New Zealand heavily relies on...

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