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Consultation Process​

01  Meeting

to discuss the objectives of the engagement.

02  Project Proposal

outlining the outcomes, costing and time-frame.

03  Engagement

both parties need to agree to the purposed scope and outcome of the engagement and sign Client Engagement Form.

04  Project Planning

define the project at a broad level and setting goals and time-frame.

05  Project Execution

Project started to materialise, deliverables are developed and completed.

06  Project Progress Review (Phase I)

Meeting with the client to showcase the preliminary outcomes of the project and address questions and concerns. This phase is crucial, as client gets a chance to review and give appropriate feedback. The outcome of this meeting will determine the project execution and the outcome of the work. 

07  Project Progress Review (Phase II)

Meeting with the client and showcase the progress on the project.

08  Project Closure

Review the final outcome and handover the project.

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Sustainability and Resilience Institute New Zealand (SRINZ) is a consultancy firm which provides consultancy services to public and private sector which includes policy and planning related to sustainable development and resilience, market research, tourism product and service development and online marketing. For details click here.

If you are seeking advice on the matters related to our services, then yes, we do provide free consultation services to charitable organisations. Just flick us an email listing the objectives you want to achieve along with your contact. We will get back to you ASAP.

Sustainability and Resilience Institute New Zealand (SRINZ) offers internship programs for young and early career researchers. We are always looking for internees to facilitate us with our ongoing projects. If you are interested in our internship programs feel free to reach out to us.  You can apply online and we will get back to you as necessary.

Yes, our services include marking plan design, with special focus on digital marketing.

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