Prof David Simmons

Prof David Simmons is the director of Destination Diagnostics New Zealand. David is the founder of tourism studies at Lincoln University, New Zealand and headed Lincoln University Centre of Excellence: Sustainable Tourism, Chair of Lincoln University Research Committee and adjunct Prof at Griffith University Gold Coast Australia.

David is a passionate advocate and researcher for sustainable tourism development – that protects local cultures and environments. In 2008-2010 he held the position as Director of Research at the Australian Sustainable Tourism Co-operative Research Centre where he provided content design and editorial oversight of the sustainable tourism online research portal.

David led a number of FRST funded multi-year programme examining both tourism planning and aspects of tourism yield. David has worked on tourism planning issues in Cambodia (WWF), Mauritius (UNDP), Niue, Vanuatu (WTO/UNDP), Nepal (MFAT and WWF), India (WWF), Sarawak (E. Malaysia), and DPR (North) Korea (UN/WTO).