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Professor David Simmons is a prominent figure in the field of tourism, renowned for his expertise and contributions to the industry. As the director of Destination Diagnostics New Zealand, he continues to lead groundbreaking initiatives that shape the future of sustainable tourism.

David’s journey in academia began with his pioneering work as the founder of tourism studies in New Zealand. His dedication and outstanding contributions to both tourism and tertiary education earned him the prestigious Companions of the New Zealand Order of Merit award, a testament to his exceptional service and impact on the field.

Throughout his illustrious career, David has held several esteemed positions that underscore his commitment to sustainable tourism development. As the Head of the Lincoln University Centre of Excellence: Sustainable Tourism, he played a pivotal role in promoting sustainable practices that respect and protect local cultures and environments. Additionally, serving as the Chair of the Lincoln University Research Committee and an adjunct Professor at Griffith University in Gold Coast, Australia, he has contributed significantly to advancing academic research and collaboration in the field of tourism.

With a passion for promoting responsible tourism, David served as the Director of Research at the Australian Sustainable Tourism Co-operative Research Centre from 2008 to 2010. During this time, he played a key role in the design and oversight of the sustainable tourism online research portal, aiming to disseminate vital information and foster sustainable practices in the industry.

As an accomplished researcher, David led several multi-year programs funded by FRST (Foundation for Research, Science, and Technology). These initiatives focused on tourism planning and various aspects of tourism yield, further establishing his expertise in the field.

David’s dedication to sustainable tourism extends beyond his home country, as he has been actively involved in tourism planning initiatives in various countries. From Cambodia (WWF) to Mauritius (UNDP), Niue, Vanuatu (WTO/UNDP), Nepal (MFAT and WWF), India (WWF), Sarawak (East Malaysia), to DPR (North) Korea (UN/WTO), his contributions have left a lasting impact on tourism development and planning in diverse and complex settings.

Professor David Simmons’ work and advocacy for sustainable tourism development have not only shaped the academic landscape but have also positively impacted communities and environments worldwide. His unwavering commitment to responsible tourism practices and preservation of cultural heritage continue to inspire positive change in the global tourism industry.

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