Hey there, I’m Marie

Marie Haley is a highly respected figure as the director of ‘The Seventh Generation Tours New Zealand,’ a pioneering enterprise committed to offering a unique form of tourism. The core philosophy of the company revolves around transforming tourists into active participants in the places they visit and the stories they encounter. By fostering this deep engagement, Marie aims to create a profound connection between travelers and the destinations they explore.

Marie’s dedication extends beyond providing exceptional tour experiences. She is deeply invested in the preservation and safeguarding of the natural heritage of the Banks Peninsula in New Zealand. Her unwavering commitment to this cause has garnered significant recognition, including the prestigious Green Ribbon Award for Community Leadership and the National Biosecurity Award. These accolades serve as testament to Marie’s exceptional efforts in conservation, community engagement, and environmental stewardship.

‘The Seventh Generation’ operates as an ethical business, firmly rooted in core values that encompass a genuine love for nature, a profound appreciation of history, and an unwavering commitment to safeguarding the future of our planet. This foundation of values permeates every aspect of the company’s operations, ensuring that sustainability, environmental consciousness, and responsible tourism practices are at the forefront of their endeavors.

Through her visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, Marie Haley has successfully established ‘The Seventh Generation Tours New Zealand’ as a model for ethical and immersive tourism experiences. By intertwining love for nature, respect for history, and a forward-thinking mindset, Marie and her team are paving the way for a more sustainable and impactful future in the realm of tourism.

Journal of Sustainability and Resilience

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